For Trinidad- Where all the Trinis at?

It’s political climate in Trinidad and Tobago and the ‘us versus them’ culture has emerged.

I see the posts on facebook – very Indian and African centered comments. I wonder how many of these people have actually lived in India or are from Africa?

One truth which must be derived from the fiasco of the last government is that their failure didn’t occur because of their race. It was not because it was an ‘Indian’ government that the crime increased, or the economy declined, or unemployment increased. It was because of failed governance, nepotism, unethical values, actions and morals, and poor management and leadership.

It is no secret that the race tensions go back many years. Even before the most prolific forefather Dr. Eric Williams branded a group of Trinidadians as a hostile and recalcitrant minority. Yes the foundations with which the Republic was built – were very much unstable. Years later this expression is still used as a fighting tool, it is still used to justify why either ethnic group would vote by race.

Each group living in fear of the other. Because a unified Trinidadian identity does not exist.
Effectively two groups of people wanted power – and both stooped to every low-level they could find, to achieve their means. Using race as a card was the ultimate low.

One group said – the Indians will not have your back

The other group said – the Africans will not have your back

Which resulted  in the identities of Indian and African being cemented.

There were no groups saying let us come together, abandon the Indian and African identity and form our own Trinidadian identity which embraces all people. You don’t have to forget your traditions or religion, you just have to be Trinidadian. After all, every creed and race has an equal place. Unfortunately there is still no Trinidadian group. No one seems to be acting in the best manner for the Trinidadian people or country.

Who are the Trinidadian people anyway?


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