Your Vibe is your Tribe

Is there any truth to that statement? And if there is – what is it about the vibe that equals the tribe or equals the people that you attract. Is the vibe like scientific law where opposites attract or is it like the Secret where like attracts like. Or is it like  Paulo Coelho’s – The Alchemist, in which every situation occurs so that you can learn something.

I regularly find myself in situations of fake friendships with women who generally take advantage. Shall I elaborate; I’ve met someone new, both of us in the same boat – new to our environment, trying to figure it out, I share my experiences and offer help – I would describe my behaviour and attitude as one which demonstrates an extension of friendship. The other person hides experiences and knowledge, then they are caught in a lie and I realise that they are withholding knowledge.

Is it that my kindness is being exploited? Is it the universe telling me stop being nice? Or is it the universe telling me stop looking for rewards when I am nice – don’t expect others to be nice back. Or is it a female thing? Are women naturally users? Do they always seek to be social climbers, exploiters and seek to benefit themselves without regard for the people they hurt along the way?

A simpler explanation is – They dislike my personality.

What are your thoughts on Vibe attracting Tribe?



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